property Column.Visible as Boolean
Retrieves or sets a value indicating whether the column is visible or hidden.

   Boolean A boolean expression indicating whether the column is visible or hidden.  

Use the Visible property to hide a column. Use the Width property to resize the column. The ColumnAutoResize property specifies whether the visible columns fit the control's client area. Use the Position property to specify the column's position. Use the HeaderVisible property to show or hide the control's header bar. Use the ColumnFromPoint property to get the column from point. Use the Remove method to remove a column. Use the FormatLevel property to display multiple levels in the column's header.

The following VB6 sample enumerates the visible columns as they are displayed:

Private Sub enumColumns(ByVal g As EXGRIDLibCtl.Grid)
    Dim cArray() As EXGRIDLibCtl.Column
    With g
        ReDim Preserve cArray(.Columns.Count)
        For Each c In .Columns
            If (c.Visible) Then
                Set cArray(c.Position) = c
            End If
    End With
    For Each c In cArray
        If Not c Is Nothing Then
            Debug.Print c.Caption & "(" & c.Index & ")"
        End If
End Sub


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