property Column.Caption as String
Retrieves or sets the text displayed in the column's header.

   String A string expression that indicates the column's caption.  

Each property of Items object that has an argument ColIndex can use the column's caption to identify a column. Adding two columns with the same caption is accepted and these are differentiated by their indexes. Use the HTLMCaption property to display the column's caption using HTML tags. To hide a column use the Visible property of the Column object. Use the HeaderVertical property to display vertically the column's caption. Use the HeaderImage property to assign an icon to a column. The column's caption is displayed using the following font attributes: HeaderBold, HeaderItalic, HeaderUnderline, HeaderStrikeout. Use the Add method to add new columns and to specify their captions. Use the FormatLevel property to display multiple levels in the column's header.

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