Level object
The Level object describes a level in the chart. Use the Chart object to access the control's Chart object. Use the Bars property to add new type of bars to the control. The Level property supports the following properties and methods:

  AlignmentSpecifies the label's alignment. 
  BackColorSpecifies the level's background color. 
  CountCounts the units in the level. 
  DrawGridLinesSpecifies whether the grid lines are shown or hidden for specified level. 
  DrawTickLinesSpecifies whether the tick lines are shown or hidden. 
  ForeColorSpecifies the level's foreground color. 
  GridLineColorSpecifies the grid line color for the specified level. 
  GridLineStyleSpecifies the style for the chart's vertical gridlines. 
  LabelRetrieves or sets a value that indicates the format of the level's label. 
  ReplaceLabelSpecifies a HTML replacement for the given label. 
  ToolTipSpecifies the format of the tooltip that's shown when the cursor hovers the level. 
  UnitRetrieves or sets a value that indicates the unit of the level.