property Level.ToolTip as Variant
Specifies the format of the tooltip that's shown when the cursor hovers the level.

   Variant A String expression that indicates the format of the tooltip, or an UnitEnum expression that indicates the predefined tooltip being used. The LabelToolTip property specifies a predefined tooltip.  
The ToolTip property specifies the tooltip being shown when the cursor hovers the level. The ToolTipDelay property specifies the time in ms that passes before the ToolTip appears. The ToolTipPopDelay property specifies the period in ms of time the ToolTip remains visible if the mouse pointer is stationary within a control. Use the ToolTipWidth property to specify the width of the tooltip window. The WeekDays property retrieves or sets a value that indicates the list of names for each week day, separated by space. Use the MonthNames property to specify the name of the months in the year. The UnitScale property changes the Label, Unit and the ToolTip for a level with predefined values defined by the Label and LabelToolTip properties.

The ToolTip property supports the following built-in tags:

The following tags are displayed based on the user's Regional and Language Options:

The ToolTip property supports the following built-in HTML tags:

Newer HTML format supports subscript and superscript like follows:

Also, newer HTML format supports decorative text like follows:




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