property OleEvent.ToString as String
Retrieves information about the event.

   String A String expression that shows information about an OLE event. The ToString property gets the information as follows: Name[ID] (Param/Type = Value, Param/Type = Value, ... ). For instance, "KeyDown[-602](KeyCode/Short* = 9,Shift/Short = 0)" indicates that the KeyDown event is fired, with the identifier -602 with two parameters KeyCode as a reference to a short type with the value 8, and Shift parameter as Short type with the value 0.    
Use the ToString property to display information about fired event such us name, parameters, types and values. Using the ToString property you can quickly identifies the event that you should handle in your application. Use the ID property to specify a specified even by its identifier. Use the Name property to get the name of the event. Use the Param property to access a specified parameter using its index or its name.

Displaying ToString property during the OLE Event event may show data like follows:

MouseMove[-606](Button/Short = 0,Shift/Short = 0,X/Long = 46,Y/Long = 15)
MouseDown[-605](Button/Short = 1,Shift/Short = 0,X/Long = 46,Y/Long = 15)
KeyDown[-602](KeyCode/Short* = 83,Shift/Short = 0)
KeyPress[-603](KeyAscii/Short* = 115)
KeyUp[-604](KeyCode/Short* = 83,Shift/Short = 0)
MouseUp[-607](Button/Short = 1,Shift/Short = 0,X/Long = 46,Y/Long = 15)
MouseMove[-606](Button/Short = 0,Shift/Short = 0,X/Long = 46,Y/Long = 15)  

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