property OleEvent.ID as Long
Retrieves a long expression that specifies the identifier of the event.

   Long A Long expression that defines the identifier of the OLE event.  
The identifier of the event could be used to identify a specified OLE event. Use the Name property of the OLE Event to get the name of the OLE Event. Use the ToString property to display information about an OLE event. The ToString property displays the idenfier of the event after the name of the event in two [] brackets. For instance, the ToString property gets the "KeyDown[-602](KeyCode/Short* = 9,Shift/Short = 0)" when TAB key is pressed, so the identifier of the KeyDown event being fired by the inside User editor is -602. For instance, tThe following VB sample closes the editor and focus a new column when user presses the TAB key inside an User editor:
Private Sub G2antt1_UserEditorOleEvent(ByVal Object As Object, ByVal Ev As EXG2ANTTLibCtl.IOleEvent, CloseEditor As Boolean, ByVal Item As EXG2ANTTLibCtl.HITEM, ByVal ColIndex As Long)
    If (Ev.ID = -602) Then  ' KeyDown
        Dim iKey As Long
        iKey = Ev(0).Value
        If iKey = vbKeyTab Then
            With G2antt1
                CloseEditor = True
                .FocusColumnIndex = .FocusColumnIndex + 1
                .SearchColumnIndex = .FocusColumnIndex
            End With
        End If
    End If 

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