property Note.PartToolTipTitle(Part as NotePartEnum) as String
Specifies the title tooltip being shown when the cursor hovers the the part of the note.

   Part as NotePartEnum A NotePartEnum expression that specifies the part with the tooltip.  
   String A String expression that indicates the title to be shown for the part's tooltip.  
By default, the PartToolTipTitle property is empty. The tooltip is shown if the cursor hovers the part, if the PartToolTip or PartToolTipTitle property is not empty. Use the ToolTipWidth property to specify the width of the tooltip window. The ToolTipPopDelay property specifies the period in ms of time the ToolTip remains visible if the mouse pointer is stationary within a control. The ToolTipDelay property specifies the time in ms that passes before the ToolTip appears. Use the <font> element to specify a different font or size for the tooltip, or use the ToolTipFont property to specify a different font or size for all tooltips in the control.

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