property G2antt.ToolTipDelay as Long
Specifies the time in ms that passes before the ToolTip appears.

   Long A long expression that specifies the time in ms that passes before the ToolTip appears.  

If the ToolTipDelay or ToolTipPopDelay property is 0, the control displays no tooltips. The ToolTipPopDelay property specifies the period in ms of time the ToolTip remains visible if the mouse pointer is stationary within a control. Use the ToolTipWidth property to specify the width of the tooltip window. Use the ToolTipFont property to assign a font for the control's tooltip. Use the Background(exToolTipAppearance) property indicates the visual appearance of the borders of the tooltips. Use the Background(exToolTipBackColor) property indicates the tooltip's background color. Use the Background(exToolTipForeColor) property indicates the tooltip's foreground color. Use the CellToolTip property to specify the cell's tooltip. Use the ItemBar(,,exBarToolTip) property to specify a tooltip for a bar. Use the Link(,exLinkToolTip) property to specify the tooltip to be shown when the cursor hovers the link.

The following sample shows how you can temporarily/programmatically hide the control's tooltip:

Public Sub hideToolTip(ByRef g As EXG2ANTTLib.G2antt)
    Dim nToolTipDelay As Long
    With g
        nToolTipDelay = .ToolTipDelay
        .ToolTipDelay = 0
        .ToolTipDelay = nToolTipDelay
    End With
End Sub