property G2antt.ScrollPartEnable(ScrollBar as ScrollBarEnum, Part as ScrollPartEnum) as Boolean
Indicates whether the specified scroll part is enabled or disabled.

   ScrollBar as ScrollBarEnum A ScrollBar expression that indicates the scrollbar where the part is enabled or disabled.  
   Part as ScrollPartEnum A ScrollPartEnum expression that specifies the parts of the scroll bar being enabled or disabled.  
   Boolean A Boolean expression that specifies whether the scrollbar's part is enabled or disabled.  
By default, when a part becomes visible, the ScrollPartEnable property is automatically called, so the parts becomes enabled. Use the ScrollPartVisible property to add or remove buttons/parts in the control's scrollbar. Use the ScrollPartEnable property to specify enable or disable parts in the control's scrollbar. Use the ScrollBars property to specify the visible scrollbars in the control. Use the ScrolPartCaption property to specify the caption of the scroll's part. Use the OffsetChanged event to notify your application that the scroll position is changed. Use the OversizeChanged event to notify your application whether the range for a specified scroll bar is changed. Use the ScrollPos property to specify the position for the control's scroll bar. The control fires the ScrollButtonClick event when the user clicks a part of the scroll bar. Use the ScrollOrderParts property to customize the order of the buttons in the scroll bar.


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