property G2antt.AllowChartScrollHeader as Boolean
Specifies whether the user can scroll the chart by clicking the chart's header and move the cursor to a new position.

   Boolean A boolean expression that specifies whether the user can click and scroll the chart's header.   
By default, the AllowChartScrollHeader property is True. In this case, if the user clicks the chart's header and drag the mouse to a new position the chart gets scrolled. While scrolling the hand cursor is being displayed. You are still able to scroll the control's chart using the horizontal scroll bar in the chart area. Use the FirstVisibleDate property to display a different date in the chart. If the user clicks and releases the mouse in the chart's header a date gets selected so it gets marked using the MarkSelectDateColor property.

The following screen show how the charts gets scrolled once the user clicks and drags the mouse on the chart's header ( AllowChartScrollHeader property is True ) :

The following screen show how a new date gets selected once the user clicks a date in the chart's header:


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