property Chart.UnitScale as UnitEnum
Retrieves or sets a value that indicates the base unit being displayed.

UnitEnum A UnitEnum expression that indicates the minimum time unit being displayed in the level.
Use the UnitScale property to change the scale unit. Use the UnitWidth property to specify the width of the time unit. The UnitScale property changes the Label, Unit and the ToolTip for a level with predefined values defined by the Label and LabelToolTip properties. Use the Label property to specify predefined formats for time units. Use the Label property to assign a different label for a specified level. Use the Unit property to specify the time unit being displayed by the level. If the user changes the Label or Unit property for a level, it is possible that UnitScale property to be changed. Use the Count property to increase the number of units being displayed in the level. Use the Alignment property to align the label in the level. Use the Zoom method to zoom the chart to a specified interval of dates. Use the LevelCount property to specify the number of levels being displayed in the control's header. Use the NextDate property to get the next date. Use the AllowOverviewZoom property to specify whether the control displays the zooming scale on the overview area. Once the user selects a new time scale unit in the overview zoom area, the control fires the OverviewZoom event.