property Chart.SplitPaneWidth as String
Specifies the width of split panels, separated by comma.

   String A String expression that specifies the width (in pixels) of split panels, separated by comma.  
By default, the SplitPaneWidth property is empty. The SplitPaneWidth property specifies the width of split panels, separated by comma. The AllowSplitPane property specifies whether the chart panel supports splitting. Once the AllowSplitPane property is set, the user can click the lower-right split bar, and drag to a new position to add a new split to the current chart. The Background(exCSplitBar) property specifies the visual appearance of the chart's split bar. The exDisableSplitPane flag of OnResizeControl property specifies whether the user can drag the split bar at runtime. The ChartStartChanging(exSplitPaneChange) / ChartEndChanging(exSplitPaneChange) events notify that the user splits/resizes the chart's panel into multiple-views.

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