property Item.AllowEdit as AllowEditEnum
Retrieves or sets a value indicating whether the item contains an edit control.

   AllowEditEnum An AllowEditEnum expression that specifies whether the item displays an Edit field inside.  
By default, the AllowEdit property is False, which indicates that the item displays no Edit field inside. Use the AllowEdit property to add a text-box inside the item, so the user can type any characters inside. The EditCaption property specifies the caption to be shown on the item's Edit text box. The EditWidth property specifies the width of the text-box inside the item. The EditBorder property specifies the border to be shown around the item's text box. You can use the Get method to collect all items of Edit type. The EditChange event notifies your application once the user alters the item's text-box caption. The EditOption property specifies different options to be used for a specified edit field. The ShowAsButton property specifies the whether the current item displays a button or a select button ( drop down ).

The following screen shot shows an item with a masking editor:

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