property ExContextMenu.Get (Criteria as MenuItemTypeEnum) as Variant
Retrieves an array of Item objects that meet the criteria.

   Criteria as MenuItemTypeEnum A MenuItemTypeEnum expression that type of items to be retrieved.  
   Variant A Safe-Array of Item objects being returned.  
The Get method can be used to get a collection / safe array of Item objects with a specified characteristics. For instance, you can collect the items of Edit type, or items that displays an icon using the Image property. The GetChecked property gets a collection of checked items. The GetUnchecked property gets a collection of checked items. The GetRadio method gets a safe array with the radio-items being checked within a radio group. For instance, the GetChecked property is equivalent with the Get(exCheckBoxMenuItem + exCheckedMenuItem), or in other words all items with the Check and Checked properties on True. The result of the Get method indicates a Safe-Array of Item objects, which means that you can use the for each statement to enumerate the elements in the collection. The ItemType property is a read-only property that gets the type of the item.

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