property ComboBox.AutoComplete as Boolean

Retrieves or sets a value that indicates whether auto complete feature is enabled or disabled.

   Boolean A boolean expression that indicates whether the control completes automatically all the edit controls when the selected item is changed.  

Use the AutoComplete property to disable auto complete feature. If the AutoComplete property is True, each edit of the control contains the data of the selected item in the control's list. To get the caption for a specified edit control uses the EditText property of the control. The NotInList event may not be fired if the AutoComplete property is True. Use the AutoSearch property to enable incremental searching feature. The AutoSelect property retrieves or sets a value indicating whether the control selects the portion of text that doesn't match with the selected item. The control updates the control's label ( updates each edit control in the label area ), when the selection is changed based on the selected item. For instance, if you click an item, the control automatically updates the control's label with the values in the selected item. The control fires the SelectionChanged event when the user selects a new items.

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