In this page you can download COM products that support UNICODE configuration. The NET assemblies are already UNICODE enabled. Unicode provides a unique number for every character, no matter what the platform, no matter what the program, no matter what the language. All products that you find here are COM/DEMO versions.

ExButon The Exontrol's exButton control is designed to enhance your Windows-based programs by offering the look-and-feel of past and present GUI design elements.
ExCalc Exontrol's ExCalc component provides calculator features to your application.
ExCalcEdit Enrich your application with an easy-to-use edit control that supports arithmetic operations. Get results on the fly.
ExCalendar The ExCalendar Library contains two ActiveX controls, simple version and drop-down version that allow you to select a date with a nice GUI.
ExComboBox A Built from the ground up using 100% ATL-based code, the ExComboBox represents some of the most advanced combobox technology available in the components marketplace.
ExContextMenu The eXContextMenu component displays and handles a context menu (also called contextual, shortcut, and popup or pop-up menu).
ExDialog The ExAgent/ExDialog component, similar with the Microsoft Office Assistant / Microsoft Agent Control, is a new type of control that allows attaching transparent pictures, .ACS/.ACF files to your form or dialog.
ExEdit Add to your application an easy-to-use edit control that supports built-in HTML format, and syntax highlighting as well.
ExEditors The ExEditors Library, a 100% ATL based component suite, contains 16 data edit controls in a single ActiveX control.
ExplorerBar The Exontrol's ExplorerBar ActiveX control, an accurate reproduction of the Microsoft Windows XP Explorer Bar, provides an intuitive user-interface when large amounts of information need to be presented.
ExplorerTree Add structured navigation functionality to your applications. The ExplorerTree component adds navigation functionality to your applications, it brings simple information structuring and easy application navigation.
ExFileView Provide rich display of file and folder information from within your applications. ExFileView is an ActiveX component for creating Windows Explorer-style functionality.
ExShellView Exontrol's new ExShellView component provides a file list view which is identical with the right pane of your Windows Explorer. 
ExFolderView Exontrol's new eXFolderView component provides a folder list view which is identical to the left side of your Windows Explorer.
ExGantt The Exontrol's ExGantt component is our approach to create timeline charts (also known as Gantt charts). Gantt chart is a time-phased graphic display of activity durations. Activities are listed with other tabular information on the left side with time intervals over the bars.
ExG2antt The Exontrol's ExG2antt component combines Tree-Grid and Gantt functionality in a standalone library.
ExGrid Exontrol's new exGrid control an easy-to-implement grid control, provides swift and robust performance and a wide range of formatting features that distinguish it from other grids.
EXMLGrid Exontrol’s new eXMLGrid control provides an innovative grid view look and handles data in XML fashion way. It provides swift and robust performance and a wide range of formatting features never seen on other grids.
ExLabel The Exontrol's eXLabel component provides HTML labels for your dialogs or forms.
ExList Add an advanced List control to your application. The exList ActiveX control is 32-bit light ActiveX, that displays and edit your tabular data. Incremental searching ('starts with' and 'contains') support.
ExListBar The Exontrol's ExListBar ActiveX control, an accurate reproduction of the Microsoft Outlook Bar, provides an intuitive user-interface when large amounts of information need to be presented.
ExMenu The ExMenu component is a complete new type of control that displays and handles more than a menu for your application.
ExOrgChart The ExOrgChart component permits the totally automatic generation of organigrams. An organigram generally provides a clear picture of the hierarchical position of the various actors.
ExPivot The Exontrol's eXPivot tool is our approach to provide data summarization, as a pivot table. A pivot-table can automatically sort, count, total or give the average of the data stored in one table or spreadsheet.
ExPrint Provides Print and Print Preview capabilities for components like exList, exTree, exGrid, exEdit and so on.
ExPopupMenu The ExPopupMenu control allows you to display and handle a shortcut menu (window popup menu) or a window's menu bar.
ExPropertiesList The ExPropertiesList control (similar to the control used to manipulate properties in Visual Studio) provides an efficient, intuitive and visually compact way to handle data input with minimal coding and user interface design.
ExRecord The Exontrol's exRecord is a container component that can host multiple type of data editors in the same page. The exRecord significantly reduces development time of data components.
ExRolList Exontrol's new and innovative exRolList control handles and displays lists on an elliptic shape. The exRolList rotates the list to let items being visible, and so no scrolls are required.
ExSlider The Exontrol's eXSlider component allows you adding skinable sliders to your forms or dialogs. A "slider control" (also known as a trackbar) is a window containing a slider and optional tick marks.
ExScrollBar The Exontrol's newly exScrollBar control simulates vertical or horizontal scroll bar, slider, track, volume or gauge controls.
ExSkinBox Exontrol's new ExSkinBox offers you skinable message and input boxes that can display HTML format and custom images as well.
ExStatusBar The Exontrol's ExStatusBar component provides statusbar panels to your forms. The statusbar is a component (widget) often found at the bottom of windows in a graphical user interface. It is very frequently divided into sections, each of which shows different 
ExSurface The eXSurface lets you organize your objects to a surface. You can use the tool to generate organigrams, diagrams, graphs, flowcharts and so on.
ExThumbnail The eXThumbnail provides thumbnail views for your files. Thumbnails are reduced-size versions of pictures or shell items, used to make it easier to scan and recognize them, serving the same role for images as a normal text index does for words.
ExToolTip The Exontrol's ExToolTip provides featured tooltips for your application. The tooltip is a common graphical user interface element. It is used in conjunction with a cursor, usually a mouse pointer. 
ExTab The Exontrol ExTab component is a SKIN based TAB control. A tab control is analogous to the dividers in a notebook or the labels in a file cabinet.
ExTree Add an enhanced exTree component to your application. exTree provides the entire range of capabilities you would expect to see in a state-of-the-art tree component.