Exontrol ExInbox COM Object - Release Notes (http://www.exontrol.com/exinbox.jsp) Mar 02, 2016
*Added: 64-bit support
*Added: Decodes the Message.Subject (BASE64), in case it comes encoded (RFC 2047 ) April 12, 2005
*Added: vb\AntiSpam sample
*Fixed: Sometime, reading a message with attachements fails. March 09, 2005
*Added: Execute method fails to delete a message using the DELE command August 14, 2003
*Fixed: The Execute command gets only the first line. December 10, 2002
*Fixed: On Windows 95, if the 'ws2_32.dll' library is missing, the 'wsock32.dll' is using instead. July 07, 2002
*Fixed: If the "boundary" header attribute doesn't contain " the control doens't found the attachments. July 03, 2002
* Initial Release