Exontrol ExICalendar Component - Release Notes (http://www.exontrol.com/exicalendar.jsp) June 11, 2018
*NEW:   Ability to executes x-script code ( including events ), from a string, file or a safe array of bytes. This feature allows you to load the control's visual appearance and behavior, without having to write any line of code. The x-script code can save EBNs, icons, pictures into BASE64 encoded strings, and so everything can be put into a single file, that should be invoked by AttachTemplate method. This feature allows you to run any x-script code for any configuration of the component (/COM, /NET or /WPF). 
*Added: AttachTemplate method executes the giving x-script code, and attach events if found. The x-script code can contain handle keyword that defines a handler for the specified event. For instance, the AttachTemplate("handle Click() { print(Version) }") sends the control's Version property to the debugger for display. All you need is to open the DebugView tool, and click the control.
*Added: The Version property includes the SpecialBuild number of the assembly so it provides information like Major.Minor.Build.Revison.SpecialBuild.Type... January 04, 2016
* Initial Release