method Items.UnsplitCell ([Item as Variant], [ColIndex as Variant])
Unsplits a cell. /*not supported in the lite version*/

   Item as Variant A long expression that indicates the handle of the item, or 0. If the Item parameter is 0, the ColIndex parameter must indicate the handle of the cell.  
   ColIndex as Variant A long expression that indicates the index of the column where a cell is divided, or a long expression that indicates the handle of the cell being divided, if the Item parameter is missing or it is zero.  
Use the UnsplitCells method to remove the inner cells. The SplitCell method splits a cell in two cells, and retrieves the newly created cell. The UnsplitCell method has no effect if the cell contains no inner cells. The UnplitCells method remove recursively all inner cells. For instance, if a cell contains an inner cell, and this inner cell contains another inner cell, when calling the UnplitCells method for the master cell, all inner cells inside of the cell will be deleted. Use the CellParent property to get the parent of the inner cell. Use the CellItem property to get the owner of the cell. Use the InnerCell property to access an inner cell giving its index. Use the UnmergeCells method to unmerge merged cells. ( "Merge" means multiple cells in a single cell, "Split" means multiple cells inside a single ).

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