property Items.ItemDividerLine(Item as HITEM) as DividerLineEnum
Defines the type of line in the divider item.

   Item as HITEM A long expression that indicates the item's handle.  
   DividerLineEnum A DividerLineEnum expression that indicates the type of the line in the divider item.  
By default, the ItemDividerLine property is SingleLine. The ItemDividerLine property specifies the type of line that underlines a divider item. Use the ItemDivider property to define a divider item. Use the ItemDividerLine and ItemDividerAlignment properties to define the style of the line into the divider item. Use the CellMerge property to merge two or more cells. Use the ItemDivider property to draw a divider item.

The following Template draws a custom line ( from a skin object ) between two items:

The sample loads the skin file using the Add method, and the ItemBackColor(k) = 16777216, specifies that skin with the skin with the identifier 1 ( the 16777216 is the 0x1000000 in hexa representation ) paints the item's background.


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