property Slider.VisibleParts as Long
Specifies the parts of the control being visible.

   Long A long expression that specifies an OR combination of PartEnum values that indicates which parts are visible and which parts are not shown.   
By default, the VisibleParts property is 897 ( that's a OR combination of exLowerBackPart, exThumbPart, exUpperBackPart). The VisiblePart property specifies which part is visible and which part is hidden. By default, when a part becomes visible, the EnablePart property is automatically called, so it becomes enabled. Use the Background property to specify a visual appearance for a specified part of the control in a certain state. 

By default, the following parts are shown:

The control fires the ClickPart event when the user clicks a part of the control. The ClickingPart event is fired continuously while the user keeps clicking the part of the control.



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