property Slider.SelectRange as Boolean
Returns or sets a value that indicates whether the control can have a select range.

   Boolean A Boolen expression that indicates whether the control can have a select range.  
By default, the SelectRange property is False. The SelStart property specifies where the selection starts. The SelLength property specifies the length of the selection. Use the Background property to change the visual aspect of the selection range. Use the Value property to specify the control's value. Use the Minimum and Maximum properties to specify the range's value. Use the Caption property to put a HTML text on any part of the control. The slider control has a capability that you might ignore: you can assign its SelectRange property to True to enter Select Range mode, during which the user can use the Slider to select a range instead of a single value. When in Select Range mode, however, it's up to you to manage the SelStart and SelLength properties.

The blue area indicates the selection range. Using the Background property you can specify a new visual appearance of the selection range, including skins. Use the SelStart and SelLenght property to specify the area being occupied by selection range.

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