property Slider.LargeChange as Long
The amount by which the slider position changes when the user clicks in the slider or presses the PAGE UP or PAGE DOWN keys.

   Long A long expression that indicates the value being added or subtracted from the control's Value when the user clicks the slider's upper or lower area.  
By default, the LargeChange property is 10. The LargeChange property gets or sets a value to be added to or subtracted from the Value property when the slider is moved a large distance. The SmallChange property gets or sets the value added to or subtracted from the Value property when the thumb is moved a small distance. If the LargeChange property is 0, the Value property is not changed when clicking the the upper or lower part of the control. Use the Minimum and Maximum properties to specify the range's value. Use the Caption property to put a HTML text on any part of the control. The LabelTick property indicates the HTML expression to be displayed as labels for each tick.

The Value property goes from:

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