Exontrol ExShellView Component

Copyright 1999-2018 by Exontrol. All Rights Reserved.

Exontrol's new ExShellView component provides a file list view which is identical with the right pane of your Windows Explorer. The ExShellView can be used in conjunction with Exontrol's ExFolderView to create applications which have complete - or limited - explorer capabilities. Using ExShellView you can easily present a list of files to users which they can, optionally, be allowed to display as large icons, small icons, names, or complete details. There is a FilePattern property you can use to select which files will be displayed. And, for more demanding filtering requirements an event is fired for each item before it is displayed, enabling you to determine on the fly which items to display. There is a pattern matching method to help you filter names, and many other useful properties and events. 

note The eXShellView and eXFolderVew controls adds Windows-Explorer functionality ( with the same look and behavior as your Explorer ) to your forms. The main difference between eXFileView and eXShellView or eXFolderView, is that eXFileView can customize groups of files or folders with specified colors, fonts or icons, and the eXShellView and eXFolderVew uses the Windows system to create the views, and so the look and behavior is exactly like you would run your Windows Explorer in your form.

eXShellView is a trademark of Exontrol.COM Software