property Schedule.VisualDesign as String
Invokes the control's VisualAppearance designer.

String A String expression that encodes the control's Visual Appearance.
By default, the VisualDesign property is "". The VisualDesign property helps you to define fast and easy the control's visual appearance using the XP-Theme elements or EBN objects. The VisualDesign property can be accessed on design mode, and it can be used to design the visual appearance of different parts of the control by drag and drop XP or EBN elements. The VisualAppearance designer returns an encoded string that can be used to define different looks, just by calling the VisualDesign = encoded_string. If you require removing the current visual appearance, you can call the VisualDesign on "" ( empty string ). The VisualDesign property encodes EBN or XP-Theme nodes, using the Add method of the Appearance collection being accessed through the VisualAppearance property.

The left panel, should be user to add your EBN or XP-Theme elements. Once you add them drag and drop the EBN or XP-Theme element from the left side to the part which visual appearance you want to change.

The following picture shows the control's VisualDesign form ( empty ):

The following picture shows the control's VisualDesign form after applying some EBN objects: