method Schedule.Synchronize ([Records as Variant])
Synchronizes the control' events with the records, while the control is bounded to a recordset, using the DataSource property.

Records as Variant A VARIANT expression that specifies an empty expression or a safe array of bookmarks to be synchronized. If missing or empty, the entire control/recordset is synchronized 
The Syncronize method updates the giving records from the control and back. For instance, the DAO provides no notification when a new record is added, so if you add new records by code, and want to have them added to the control, you need to use the Syncronize method. The Syncronize method has no effect if no DataSource property is used. In other words, the Syncronize method ensures that each record has associated an event, and each event has associated a record.

The following sample shows how you can syncronize the control events and the table once all records of the tabel has been deleted (MS Access, or DAO)

CurrentProject.Connection.Execute "DELETE FROM Events"

Because DAO does not provide sync events you can use the Syncronize method to update the events of the control, once you update externally the table.