property Schedule.OnResizeControl as OnResizeControlEnum
Specifies which panel is resized when the control is resized.

   OnResizeControlEnum An OnResizeControlEnum expression that specifies the operation the control does when it is resized.   
By default, the OnResizeControl property is exResizePanelRight + exCalendarFit. This indicates that the right panel ( such as schedule view ) is resized when the control is resized, and the calendar panel always fit its portion ( no partially view is allowed ). The ScrollBars property indicates whether the control display the vertical or horizontal scroll bars. The AllowMoveSchedule property indicates the keys combination so the user can change the schedule view by dragging. The AllowMoveSchedule property on exDisallow, indicates that the user can not move the currently schedule date to a new position. The AllowExchangePanels property specifies whether the user can drag and drop a panel to a new position. The FitSelToView method restores the view to fit the selected dates. The control fires the LayoutStartChanging(exLayoutExchangePanels)/LayoutEndChanging( exLayoutExchangePanels) events once the user drags the panels from a side to another. The OnResizeControl property has effect only if the Calendar.Parent property is zero ( default ).

Also, you can use the OnResizeControl property to specify one of the followings:

The following samples hide the Calendar panel of the component:

VBA (MS Access, Excell...)

With Schedule1
	.OnResizeControl = 768
	.ScrollBars = 0
End With


With Schedule1
	.OnResizeControl = OnResizeControlEnum.exHideSplitter Or OnResizeControlEnum.exChangePanels
	.ScrollBars = exNoScroll
End With


With Exschedule1
	.OnResizeControl = exontrol.EXSCHEDULELib.OnResizeControlEnum.exHideSplitter Or exontrol.EXSCHEDULELib.OnResizeControlEnum.exChangePanels
	.ScrollBars = exontrol.EXSCHEDULELib.ScrollBarsEnum.exNoScroll
End With


With AxSchedule1
	.OnResizeControl = EXSCHEDULELib.OnResizeControlEnum.exHideSplitter Or EXSCHEDULELib.OnResizeControlEnum.exChangePanels
	.ScrollBars = EXSCHEDULELib.ScrollBarsEnum.exNoScroll
End With


	Copy and paste the following directives to your header file as
	it defines the namespace 'EXSCHEDULELib' for the library: 'ExSchedule 1.0 Control Library'

	#import <ExSchedule.dll>
	using namespace EXSCHEDULELib;
EXSCHEDULELib::ISchedulePtr spSchedule1 = GetDlgItem(IDC_SCHEDULE1)->GetControlUnknown();
spSchedule1->PutOnResizeControl(EXSCHEDULELib::OnResizeControlEnum(EXSCHEDULELib::exHideSplitter | EXSCHEDULELib::exChangePanels));

C++ Builder

Schedule1->OnResizeControl = Exschedulelib_tlb::OnResizeControlEnum::exHideSplitter | Exschedulelib_tlb::OnResizeControlEnum::exChangePanels;
Schedule1->ScrollBars = Exschedulelib_tlb::ScrollBarsEnum::exNoScroll;


exschedule1.OnResizeControl = exontrol.EXSCHEDULELib.OnResizeControlEnum.exHideSplitter | exontrol.EXSCHEDULELib.OnResizeControlEnum.exChangePanels;
exschedule1.ScrollBars = exontrol.EXSCHEDULELib.ScrollBarsEnum.exNoScroll;


<OBJECT classid="clsid:9B09E13D-7A88-4299-9DBE-383380435377" id="Schedule1"></OBJECT>

	Schedule1.OnResizeControl = 768;
	Schedule1.ScrollBars = 0;

C# for /COM

axSchedule1.OnResizeControl = EXSCHEDULELib.OnResizeControlEnum.exHideSplitter | EXSCHEDULELib.OnResizeControlEnum.exChangePanels;
axSchedule1.ScrollBars = EXSCHEDULELib.ScrollBarsEnum.exNoScroll;

X++ (Dynamics Ax 2009)

public void init()


	exschedule1.OnResizeControl(768/*exHideSplitter | exChangePanels*/);

Delphi 8 (.NET only)

with AxSchedule1 do
	OnResizeControl := Integer(EXSCHEDULELib.OnResizeControlEnum.exHideSplitter) Or Integer(EXSCHEDULELib.OnResizeControlEnum.exChangePanels);
	ScrollBars := EXSCHEDULELib.ScrollBarsEnum.exNoScroll;

Delphi (standard)

with Schedule1 do
	OnResizeControl := Integer(EXSCHEDULELib_TLB.exHideSplitter) Or Integer(EXSCHEDULELib_TLB.exChangePanels);
	ScrollBars := EXSCHEDULELib_TLB.exNoScroll;


with thisform.Schedule1
	.OnResizeControl = 768
	.ScrollBars = 0

dBASE Plus

local oSchedule

oSchedule = form.Activex1.nativeObject
oSchedule.OnResizeControl = 768 /*exHideSplitter | exChangePanels*/
oSchedule.ScrollBars = 0

XBasic (Alpha Five)

Dim oSchedule as P

oSchedule = topparent:CONTROL_ACTIVEX1.activex
oSchedule.OnResizeControl = 768 'exHideSplitter + exChangePanels
oSchedule.ScrollBars = 0

Visual Objects

oDCOCX_Exontrol1:OnResizeControl := exHideSplitter | exChangePanels
oDCOCX_Exontrol1:ScrollBars := exNoScroll


OleObject oSchedule

oSchedule = ole_1.Object
oSchedule.OnResizeControl = 768 /*exHideSplitter | exChangePanels*/
oSchedule.ScrollBars = 0



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