property Calendar.FocusDate as Date
Retrieves the date being focused in the calendar panel.

Date A DATE expression being focused in the calendar panel.
The FocusDate property indicates the date being focused. The control fires the LayoutStartChanging(exCalendarFocusDateChange) when the user is about to change the focusing date, and the LayoutEndChanging(exCalendarFocusDateChange) notifies your application once a new date is being focused. The Background(exCalendarFocusDate) changes the visual appearance of the focused date, while the Background(exCalendarFocusDateForeColor) changes the foreground color of the focused date. The control may display only a single focused date, but it can display multiple selection dates. The AllowFocusDate property on exDisallow disables focusing a date that's not being selected. The AllowSelectDate property indicates the keys combination so the user can select new dates in the calendar panel, and so, new dates to be shown in the schedule view. The Date property of the control browses a new month in the calendar panel. The Select method can be used to select by code the current month, current week, current week day and the current/focus day.