property Editor.Option(Name as EditorOptionEnum) as Variant
Specifies an option for the editor.

   Name as EditorOptionEnum An EditorOptionEnum expression that indicates the editor's option being changed.  
   Variant A Variant expression that indicates the value for editor's option  
Use the Option property to change the options for an editor.

The following VB sample adds a password editor:

 With Record1
     With .Add("Password", EXRECORDLibCtl.EditType)
        .Option(exEditPassword) = True
        .Value = "pass"
    End With
End With

The following  VC sample adds a password editor:

COleVariant vtMissing; vtMissing.vt = VT_ERROR;
CEditor editor = m_record.Add(COleVariant("Password"), /*EditType*/ 1, vtMissing );
editor.SetOption( /*exEditPassword*/ 18, COleVariant( (long)TRUE ) );
editor.SetValue( COleVariant( "pass" ) );


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