property Property.ToolTip as String
Specifies the property's tooltip.

   String A string expression that indicates the property's tooltip.  
Use the ToolTip property to assign a custom tooltip to a property. By default, the ToolTip property is "...". The AllowToolTip property specifies whether the control displays a tooltip when the string value is too long to be displayed in the property's client area. The control pops up a tooltip when the mouse pointer hovers the property's name or value in the following cases:

The following sample shows how to display the property's description when the mouse pointer hovers the property's name:

Private Sub Form_Load()
    With PropertiesList1
        .DescriptionVisible = False
        .AllowTooltip = True
        .Select Me
    End With
End Sub

Private Sub PropertiesList1_IncludeProperty(ByVal Property As EXPROPERTIESLISTLibCtl.IProperty, Cancel As Boolean)
    Property.ToolTip = Property.Description
End Sub

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