property Property.NumericFloat as Boolean
Specifies whether the property is of float type.

   Boolean A boolean expression that indicates whether the property is of float type.  
A float type is represented in the format:  [+/-]digit[.]digit[e/E/d/D][+/-]digit, where digit is any combination of digit characters. Use the Numeric property to specify when only long values are allowed in the property.  Use the AllowSpin property to specify whether the numeric properties show a spin control. Use the SpinStep property to define the proposed change when user clicks the spin. If the NumericFloat property is True, the input characters are filtered, and so characters that are not in the number representation can't be inserted. For instance, if you have a number such of 100, and you type 'e' character, the number will be 100e, but if you would type again a new 'e' it will not be accepted, so the number will stay as 100e.

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