property PropertiesList.ToString (Type as ToStringEnum) as String
Saves the control's content to a string, as it is displayed.

   Type as ToStringEnum A ToStringEnum expression that indicates whether the values of the properties use literals or numbers.  
   String A string expression that indicates the list of properties with their values.   
The ToString property gets the list of properties with their values to a string, as they are displayed. Use the ToString property to save the properties and their values to a string for the object being browsed. The ToString(exLiterals) property lists the properties closely as being displayed in the control. The ToString(exNumbers) property lists the properties being displayed in the control, after the predefined literals are replaced. Use the Select method to browse a COM object. Use the ExpandAll method to expand all items in the control.

Here's how the properties are listed, when the control browses the eXGrid control:


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