property PropertiesList.Option(Name as OptionEnum) as Variant
Specifies an option for the editor.

   Name as OptionEnum An OptionEnum expression that indicates the option being changed.  
   Variant A Variant value that indicates the option's newly value.  
Use the Option property to change particular options for a specified type editor. Use the Option property to customize the strings or behavior for different editors. For instance, you can specify the filter for EditFile properties, or specify the months for a drop down calendar control. The Option property applies the options to all editors, while the Option property of Property object may specify different options for different entries in the control. For instance, you can display a filter for some EditFile entries, and other filters for other EditFile entries in the same control.

In conclusion, you can specify options for the editors as follows:

The following VB sample customizes the EditDate editor to display strings in Romanian language:

With PropertiesList1
    .Option(exDateTodayCaption) = "Azi"
    .Option(exDateMonths) = "Ianuarie Februarie Martie Aprilie Mai Iunie Iulie August Septembrie Octombrie Decembrie"
    .Option(exDateWeekDays) = "D L M M J V S"
    .Option(exDateFirstWeekDay) = 1
    .Add "Date", Date, EditDate
End With

The following VB sample changes the default filter for EditFile editors :

With PropertiesList1
    .Option(exEditFileFilter) = "INI Files|*.ini;*.init|All (*.*)|*.*"
    .Option(exEditFileTitle) = "Select an INI file"
    .Add "INI", "c:\temp\test.ini", EditFile, "Selects a file", "Custom"
End With

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