method PropertiesList.Images (Handle as Variant)
Sets the control's image list at runtime.

   Handle as Variant A long expression that identifies a handle to an Image list ( the Handle should be of HIMAGELIST type ) or a string expression that indicates the base64 encoded string that holds the icons list. Use the eximages tool to save your icons as base64 encoded format  
In design mode, user can add icons to the control using the control's Template page. No matter what programming language you are using, you can have a quick view of the component's features using the WYSWYG Template editor. It's a nice feature and we don't want you to miss it. 

The Template feature lets you to use a simple x-script language to call properties and methods of the control at design as well at runtime. You can use this feature to build x-script strings to pass them at runtime.

 At runtime, the user can use the Images and ReplaceIcon method to change the Images collection. Use the HTMLName property to assign built-in HTML format to a property.

For instance, the following template sample adds three properties and assign an icon to each of them, using the <img> tag.


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