constants PreviewFieldsEnum
The PreviewFieldsEnum type defines the settings you can change in the preview workspace. The PreviewSettings property specifies the settings you can change in the preview mode. The PreviewFieldsEnum type supports the following values:

   exPreviewShowPageNumbers0 Shows or hides the page number in page's content. By default, the exPreviewShowPageNumbers property is False. Use the exPreviewPageNumberFormat and exPreviewPageNumbersAlignment properties to define the format and alignment of the page numbers to be shown on the preview. For instance, you can set the exPreviewShowPageNumbers property on True, when viewing the pages in compact mode (  exPreviewShowCompact ).

(Boolean expression)

   exPreviewPageNumberFormat1 A String expression that defines the HTTML format to display the page number on pages. By default, the exPreviewPageNumberFormat property is "", which indicates that PageNumberFormat property is used instead. The exPreviewPageNumberFormat property supports the following predefined values:
  • <%page%> specifies the current page
  • <%count%> indicates the number of pages in the document.

Also the exPreviewPageNumberFormat property supports the HTML format as:

  • <b>  bold </b> bolds a part of the caption.
  • <u> underline </u> specifies that the portion should appear as underlined. 
  • <s> strikeout </s> specifies that the portion should appear as strikeout. 
  • <i> italic </i> specifies that the portion should appear as italic. 
  • <fgcolor=FF0000>fgcolor</fgcolor> changes the foreground color for a portion.
  • <bgcolor=FF0000>bgcolor</bgcolor> changes the background color for a portion.
  • <br> breaks a line.
  • <solidline> draws a solid line. If has no effect for a single line caption.
  • <dotline> draws a dotted line. If has no effect for a single line caption.
  • <upline> draws the line to the top of the text line
  • <r> aligns the rest of the text line to the right side. It has no effect if the caption contains a single line.
  • <img>number[:width]</img> inserts an icon inside the HTML  caption. The number indicates the index of the icon being inserted. By default, if the width field is missing, the width is 18 pixels.
  • <img>key[:width]</img> inserts a custom size picture being loaded using the HTMLPicture property. The Key parameter indicates the key of the picture being displayed. The Width parameter indicates a custom size, if you require to stretch the picture, else the original size of the picture is used.
  • <font face;size>text </font> displays portions of text with a different font and/or different size. For instance, the <font Tahoma;12>bit</font> draws the bit text using the Tahoma font, on size 12 pt. If the name of the font is missing, and instead size is present, the current font is used with a different size. For instance, <font ;12>bit</font> displays the bit text using the current font, but with a different size.
  • & glyph characters as &amp ( & ), &lt ( < ), &gt ( > ), &qout ( " ), &#number, For instance, the &#8364 displays the EUR character, in UNICODE configuration. The & ampersand is only recognized as markup when it is followed by a known letter or a # character and a digit. For instance if you want to display <b>bold</b> in HTML caption you can use &lt;b&gt;bold&lt;/b&gt;

(String expression)

   exPreviewPageNumbersAlignment2 Specifies the alignment of page numbers in the page. By default, the exPreviewPageNumbersAlignment property is exMiddleCenter.

(ContentAlignmentEnum expression)

   exPreviewShowCompact3 Specifies whether the preview shows the pages in a compact mode. By default, the exPreviewShowCompact property is exPreviewShowPageCompact.

(PreviewShowCompactEnum expression)

   exPreviewBackColor4 Specifies the preview's mainframe background color. By default, the exPreviewBackColor property is the default system color for the menu.

(Color expression)

   exPreviewAllowWheelScroll5 Indicates whether the user can scroll pages by rotating the mouse wheel. By default, the exPreviewAllowWheelScroll property is True.

(Boolean expression)

   exPreviewAllowDragScroll6 Specifies whether the user can scroll pages by clicking and dragging the left mouse button. By default, the exPreviewAllowDragScroll property is True.

(Boolean expression)

   exPreviewAllowUnprintPage7 Specifies whether the user can select/unselect pages/area using the right mouse button (CTRL key), to prevent them from printing. By default, the exPreviewAllowUnprintPage property is True.

(Boolean expression)

   exPreviewAllowToggleZoom8 Indicates whether the user can toggle the zoom by clicking the focused page. By default, the exPreviewAllowToggleZoom property is True.

(Boolean expression)

   exPreviewAllowMiddleZoom9 Specifies whether the user can zoom the pages by clicking and dragging the middle mouse button. By default, the exPreviewAllowMiddleZoom property is True.

(Boolean expression)


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