property ExPrint.ItemCaption(Item as ItemCaptionEnum) as String
Specifies a value that indicates the caption for specified item.

   Item as ItemCaptionEnum An ItemCaptionEnum expression that indicates the caption/field being changed.  
   String A string expression that indicates the  caption or field's value.  
Use the ItemCaption property to change captions in the Preview window. The ItemToolTip property specifies the button's tooltip. Use the ToolBarFormat property to add new buttons, icons, pictures or HTML captions to eXPrint's toolbar. The control fires the Click event when the user clicks a button in the eXPrint's toolbar. For exToolBar... values ( any value greater that 100 ), # character splits the button's label and it's identifier ( SelectedID parameter ). For instance, if the ItemCaption(200) = "Letter#1", the button with the identifier 200 displays the "Letter" label, while the 1 is carried to SelectedID parameter of the Click event when it is fired. If the ItemCaption property includes vbCrLF ( "\r\n" sequence ), the associated buttons displays a drop down field.

The ItemCaption property supports the following HTML elements:

The following sample VB changes the caption for "Close" button:

With Print1
    .ItemCaption(exClose) = "<img>6</img>Inchide"
    .ItemCaption(exPrint) = "<img>5</img>Listeaza"
    Set .PrintExt = XXX.Object
End With

Where XXX is the object being printed.

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