property ExPrint.Encode64 (Picture as Variant) as String
Encodes a picture/file to a BASE64 encoded string.

   Picture as Variant A Picture/IPictureDisp object or a string expression that indicates the path to the picture or the file, to be encoded. For instance, you can encode *bmp, *.jpg, *.gif picture files, or EBN files  
   String A String expression that indicates the BASE64 representation of the picture or file being loaded. If empty string is returned nothing was encoded.  
The Encode64 property compress and encodes programmatically a picture or a file. Use the eXImages tool to generate your BASE64 strings from pictures. Use the Encode64Icons property to compress and encode a list of icons to be used in Images methods.

The following VB sample encodes the "zapotec.bmp" picture file:

MsgBox Print1.Encode64("c:\winnt\zapotec.bmp")

The following VB.NET sample encodes the "zapotec.bmp" picture file:


The following C# sample encodes the "zapotec.bmp" picture file:


The following C++ sample encodes the "zapotec.bmp" picture file:


The following VFP sample encodes the "zapotec.bmp" picture file:

wait window nowait thisform.Print1.Encode64("c:\winnt\zapotec.bmp")