property ExPrint.Decode64TextW (Text64 as String) as String
Decodes ( and decompress ) the giving string, from base64 format to UNICODE string.

   Text64 as String A String expression ( the string to be decoded ) that defines the string being encoded using the Encode64TextW property.  
   String A String expression ( the original string ) that indicates the decoded text.  
The Decode64TextW property returns the original string/UNICODE ( previously encoded using the Encoded64TextW property ). The Text64 parameter must indicates the result of the Encode64TextW property. The encoded string looks like: "gBUNBpOYggggMIgMRpOggN5mEBlNxjN5kMpkEB0Mp4OgAgI=". Always, the equation Decode64TextW( Encode64TextW( Text ) ) = Text is the true. For instance, most of our components, provide a Layout property that helps you to store and restore the control's layout, like position of the columns, sorted columns, and so on. In other words, you can use the Decode64TextW property to decode the value that the Layout property returns.

The Decode64Text property returns the same result as Decode64TextA property, if running the ANSI version, or Decode64TextW property is running the UNICODE version of the eXPrint component. The Version property of the control specifies whether you are running the ANSI or UNICODE version. If the Version property includes the UNICODE string, it means that you are running the UNICODE version, else it is the ANSI version.


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