property Items.ItemCell (Item as HITEM, ColIndex as Variant) as HCELL

Retrieves the cell's handle based on a specific column.

   Item as HITEM A long expression that indicates the item's handle.  
   ColIndex as Variant A long expression that indicates the column's index or the cell's handle, a string expression that indicates the 
column's caption.
   HCELL A long expression that indicates the handle of the cell.  

A cell is the intersection of an item with a column. All properties that has an Item and a ColIndex parameters are referring to a cell. The Item parameter represents the handle of an item, and the ColIndex parameter indicates an index ( a numerical value, see Column.Index property ) of a column , the column's caption ( a string value, see Column.Caption property ), or a handle to a cell. Here's few hints how to use properties with Item and ColIndex parameters:

Group.Items.CellBold(, Group.Items.ItemCell(Group.Items(0), 0)) = True
Group.Items.CellBold(Group.Items(0), 0) = True
Group.Items.CellBold(Group.Items(0), "ColumnName") = True

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