property Pivot.ShowViewCompact as ShowViewCompactEnum
Indicates whether the view compacts the data being displayed.

ShowViewCompactEnum A ShowViewCompactEnum expression that specifies the way the view compacts the displaying data.
By default, the ShowViewCompact property is exViewNotCompact, which means that the property has no effect. Use the ShowViewCompact property on exViewCompact to summarize multiple aggregate functions on the same cell. For instance, if you need to display the price and the quantity sold in the same cell. At runtime, if the ShowViewCompact property is not exViewNotCompact, the control may include less columns than when the ShowViewCompact property is exViewNotCompact. The ShowBranchRows property indicates how the branch rows displays the information ( divider items ). The DrawGridLines property specifies whether the control displays the grid lines. 

The following movies show how Compacting works:

The following screen shot displays data compacted,  ShowViewCompact property is exViewCompact:

The following screen shot displays the same data un-compacted,  ShowViewCompact property is exViewNotCompact: