Column object
A Column object holds information about a data column. The DataColumns property gives access to the Column objects. 

The control can load data using one of the following methods:

The Column object supports the following properties and methods:

AlignmentSpecifies the column's alignment.
AllowGroupBySpecifies whether the user can group by this column.
CaptionRetrieves or sets the text displayed to the column's header.
DefaultFormatAppearancesSpecifies the list of format-appearances ( key of FormatAppearance object), separated by comma, to be applied on the column when it is displayed in the pivot-table.
DefaultFormatContentSpecifies the default format (key of FormatContent object) to be applied on the column when it is displayed in the pivot-table.
FormatImageDefines the expression to determine the images the column display.
HeaderAlignmentSpecifies the alignment of the column's caption.
HTMLIndicates whether the column handles/displays built-in HTML format.
IndexReturns index of the object within the collection.
PivotCaptionSpecifies the caption of the column to be displayed on the columns floating toolbox.
SortOrderSpecifies the sorting order of the pivot column when it is dropped to the control's pivot bar.
SortTypeReturns or sets a value that indicates the way a control sorts the values for a column.