property Node.Value as Variant
Specifies the value of the node.

   Variant A Value expression that indicates the node's value.  
The node's Value property is displayed only if the node contains no child nodes. Use the Name property to assign a caption to the node. Use the Editor property to assign an editor to a node. The control fires the Change event when the user changes the node's value if the node has no child nodes, or the node's name if the node has child nodes. Use the Add method to specify the node's name and value at adding time. Use the UserData property to assign an extra data to a node. Use the BackColorValue property to specify the node's value background color. Use the ForeColorValue property to specify the node's value foreground color

If the node has no child nodes, and it has an editor assigned, the editor display the node's value based on the editor and the node's value. For instance, if you have a drop down list editor, the control displays the associated item to the node's value in the editor's list of items.  If the node has no editor assigned the Value property indicates the text being displayed in the node's value area. The text supports built-in HTML format like described bellow.



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