property Item.Tooltip as Variant
Specifies the item's tooltip.

   Variant A string expression that indicates the item's tooltip.  

The control displays the item's tooltip when the mouse is over the item. Use the ToolTipTitle property to define the title for the item's tooltip. Use the ToolTipDelay property to specify the time in ms that passes before the ToolTip appears. By default, the ToolTip property is empty. If the ToolTip property is empty the control displays no tooltip when cursor is over the item. Use the ToolTipWidth property to specify the width of the item's tooltip window. Use the Background(exToolTipAppearance) property indicates the visual appearance of the borders of the tooltips. Use the Background(exToolTipBackColor) property indicates the tooltip's background color. Use the Background(exToolTipForeColor) property indicates the tooltip's foreground color. Use the ToolTipFont property to assign a different font for tooltips.

The ToolTip supports the following built-in HTML tags:

Newer HTML format supports subscript and superscript like follows:

Also, newer HTML format supports decorative text like follows:


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