property ExMenu.Border as BorderEnum
Retrieves or sets a value that indicates the menu's border.

   BorderEnum A BorderEnum expression that indicates the menu's border ( it specifies the appearance of the borders for the drop down menus ). Or a color expression whose last 7 bits in the high significant byte of the value indicates the index of the skin in the Appearance collection, being displayed as control's borders. For instance, if the Appearance = 0x1000000, indicates that the first skin object in the Appearance collection defines the control's border.  The Client object in the skin, defines the client area of the control. The items are always shown in the control's client area. The skin may contain transparent objects, and so you can define round corners. The frame.ebn file contains such of objects. Use the eXButton's Skin builder to view or change this file   

By default, the Border property is ShadowBorder. Use the Border property to define the menu's border. Use the MenuBarBorder property to define the border of the menu bar. The menu bar is displayed into the form. Use the Appearance property to define the menu's appearance. Use the Background(exToolTipAppearance) property indicates the visual appearance of the borders of the tooltips.

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