property MaskEdit.Text as String
Retrieves or sets the text contained in the control.

   String A string expression that indicates the text contained in the control.  

Use the Text property to get/set the contained control's text, containing masking or non masking characters. The TextIncludeLiterals property specifies the way the Text property get/set the control's text. For instance, if you do not need to get the placeholders characters in the Text property, set the TextIncludeLiterals property on exClipModeLiteralsInclude before calling the Text property. The Value property is equivalent with Text/TextIncludeLiterals property. The control fires the Change event if the user changes the control's text. The TextIncludeLiteralsLoseFocus property specifies how the control's field is shown when it loses the focus. The AllowEmptyValue property specifies whether the control handles empty values.

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