property List.RadioImage(Checked as Boolean) as Long
Retrieves or sets a value that indicates the index of image used by cells of radio type.

   Checked as Boolean A boolean expression that indicates the radio's state: True - Checked, False - Unchecked.  
   Long A long expression that indicates the index of the image used to paint the cells of radio type. The last 7 bits in the high significant byte of the long expression indicates the identifier of the skin being used to paint the object. Use the Add method to add new skins to the control. If you need to remove the skin appearance from a part of the control you need to reset the last 7 bits in the high significant byte of the color being applied to the part.  

Use RadioImage and CheckImage properties to define the icons used for radio and check box cells. The RadioImage property defines the index of the icon being used by radio buttons. Use the CellHasRadioButton property to assign a radio button to a cell. Use the CellHasCheckBox property to assign a checkbox to a cell. Use the CellImage or CellImages property to assign one or multiple icons to a cell. Use the CellPicture property to assign a picture to a cell. Use the CellStateChanged event to notify your application when the cell's state is changed. Use the Images method to insert icons at runtime. The following samples require a control with icons, else nothing will be changed.

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