property List.FilterBarPromptColumns as Variant
Specifies the list of columns to be used when filtering using the prompt.

Variant A long expression that indicates the index of the column to apply the filter prompt, a string expression that specifies the list of columns (indexes) separated by comma to apply the filter prompt, or a safe array of long expression that specifies the indexes of the columns to apply the filter. The filter prompt feature allows you to filter the items as you type while the filter bar is visible on the bottom part of the list area.
By default, the FilterBarPromptColumns property is -1. If the FilterBarPromptColumns property is -1, the filter prompt is applied for all columns, visible or hidden. Use the FilterBarPromptColumns property to specify the list of columns to apply the filter prompt pattern. The FilterBarPromptVisible property specifies whether the filter prompt is visible or hidden. Use the FilterBarPrompt property to specify the HTML caption being displayed in the filter bar when the filter pattern is missing. The FilterBarPromptPattern property specifies the pattern to filter the list. Changing the FilterBarPromptPattern property does not require calling the ApplyFilter method to apply the new filter, only if filtering is required right a way. The FilterBarPromptType property specifies the type of filtering when the user edits the prompt in the filter bar.