property HTTP.OutField (URL as String, FieldName as String) as String
Retrieves the value of the field in the header of the message after getting the URL.

   URL as String A string expression that indicates the HTTP URL to retrieve. The URL parameter may start with http:// or without. You can specify the web server's port by calling something like:, where, the 8080 is the port to be used. By default, the control uses the port 80.  
   FieldName as String A String expression that indicates the name of the response field. If the FieldName property is empty, the OutField property retrieves all the response fields, line by line. Lines are separated by crlf sequence ( /n/r characters )   
   String A String expression that indicates the value of the field.  
The OutField property retrieves a particular response field or all fields. For instance, the OutField("","")  retrieves all fields in the header. Use the GET method to retrieve the document or a web page. Use the InField property to specify request fields before GET or OutField method is called. Use the Timeout property to specify the amount of time (in seconds) the control will wait for the server response. 

The OutField property includes all response fields line by line. For instance, the OutField("","Content-Type") retrieves the type of the document being requested. 

The FieldName parameter may be one of the following:

The OutField property may include other response fields, based on the web server is queering.

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