constants exClipboardFormatEnum
Defines the clipboard format constants. Use GetFormat property to check whether the clipboard data is of given type

   exCFText1 Null-terminated, plain ANSI text in a global memory bloc  
   exCFBitmap2 A bitmap compatible with Windows 2.X  
   exCFMetafile3 A Windows metafile with some additional information about how the metafile should be displayed  
   exCFDIB8 A global memory block containing a Windows device-independent bitmap (DIB)  
   exCFPalette9 A color-palette handle  
   exCFEMetafile14 A Windows enhanced metafile  
   exCFFiles15 A collection of files. Use Files property to get the collection of files  
   exCFRTF-16639 A RTF document  


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