property Grid.ScrollBars as ScrollBarsEnum
Returns or sets a value that determines whether the control has horizontal and/or vertical scroll bars.

   ScrollBarsEnum A ScrollBarsEnum expression that indicates which scroll bars will be visible in the control.   

By default, the control adds scroll bars when required. For instance, If the ColumnAutoResize property is False and the width of the visible columns exceeds the width of the control's client area, the control shows the horizontal scroll bar. Use the ScrollBars property to hide the control's scroll bars. If the ColumnAutoResize property is True, the control does not display the control's horizontal scroll bar. Use the ScrollBySingleLine property to let users scroll the control's content item by item. Use the ContinueColumnScroll property to specify whether the user scrolls the control's content column by column or pixel by pixel. Use the EnsureVisibleItem method to ensure that an item fits the control's client area. Use the EnsureVisibleColumn method to ensure that a specified column fits the control's client area. Use the Scroll method to scroll programmatically the control. The ScrollBars property doesn't indicate whether the control displays a scroll bar. Instead, the WS_HSCROLL and WS_VSCROLL window styles indicate whether the window displays a scroll bar. Use the hWnd property to determine the handle of the control's window. Use the ScrollPartVisible property to add buttons to the control's scrollbars. Use the Background property to change the visual appearance of the control's scrollbars.

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